Does Detoxing Make A Difference?

How does detoxing benefit my body? This question is frequently asked. Detoxing is cleansing the body, typically from juicing. It also involves deep breathing, walking in nature and meditating. Integrating such components helps the body to release toxic energy, giving you the opportunity to make a spiritual connection with your higher self. The more we connect with nature and food, the more we connect with our own natural abilities.

Some signs of excess toxicity in the body include:

  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • constipation
  • bloating
  • low energy
  • bad breath
  • skin issues
  • mood swings

 Although there are conflicting reports regarding detox and its benefits, it is best to follow the detox programs that are well-organized, about once or twice a year.Let’s review some positive outcomes from detoxing.

 Energy Booster

Avid detox followers feel more energized. During detoxication, the body is not getting as much sugar, trans fat and caffeine. Instead, the body is replenished with fruits and vegetables, providing a natural energy boost. Remember to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, which also increases energy.

Eliminate Excess Waste

The majority of detox programs eliminate the unwanted waste stored in the body. This is a significant benefit to detoxing because toxins need to exit, thus cleansing the colon. Even after completion of your detox plan, continue eating fruits and vegetables.

Weight Loss

An effective detox diet will help establish long-term eating habits as you consume healthier foods. With your body more energized, you will gain motivation to increase your physical activity as you replace unhealthy foods with more healthy options. Fresh natural foods pump more energy into our bodies. From farm to table is your best bet!

Stronger Immune System

During light physical exercises, lymph fluid circulates through the body, draining and improving the immune system. During detox, the body’s organs are freed up so they can fulfill their purpose and function effectively. As a result, the immune system better absorbs nutrients such as Vitamin C.

Better Skin and Hair

Typically, detox programs enhance the skin. Taking a sauna helps the body to sweat out some excess toxins, resulting in more clear and smooth skin. At times, the process involves the skin getting patchy or itching before clearing. This is a good sign that your detox program is doing its job! Regular detoxing may also improve the quality of your hair. Furthermore, many herbs, minerals and vitamins consumed during the right detox program provide healthier hair.

Better Breath

If your detox program includes a colon cleanse, as it should, it may help alleviate bad breath. A possible contributor to bad breath is a backed-up colon.

Sharper Mind

Diets with healing properties clean out our bodies and sharpen our focus. Using an effective detox program will help you think more clearly. Healthy food choices and cleaning of toxins improves one’s quality of thinking. Things are less foggy when we rid ourselves of sugary foods and foods high in fat.

Please consult with your primary health care provider before beginning any detox program.