San Diego Vitamin Shot Bar

Benefits of Vitamin Shots

Vitamin Shots deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the blood stream. Many patients feel this immediately and enjoy the boost of nutrients. Results may vary.

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A&B Energizer
More energy, helps mood elevation and promotes anti-aging

A&B Balancer
B12, B6, MTHF
More energy, helps mood elevation, anti-inflammatory, helps with hormone balancing, promotes anti-aging

A&B Booster
B12, Vitamin C
More energy, helps mood elevation, healthier immune system and promotes anti-aging

A&B Promoter
B12, Vitamin C and Glutathione
More energy, helps mood elevation, healthier immune system, promotes anti-aging and augments liver detox

A&B Burner
B12, B6, MIC
More energy, helps mood elevation, anti-inflammatory, promotes anti-aging, and enhances fat burner

A&B Beautifier
B12, Biotin
More energy, helps mood elevation, promotes anti-aging, augments healthy hair, skin and nails

A&B Regulator
B12, B6, MIC, L-carnitine
More energy, helps mood elevation, anti-inflammatory, promotes anti-aging, enhances fat burner and muscle builder

A&B Protector
B12, B6, Vitamin C
More energy, anti-inflammatory, healthier immune system and promotes anti-aging

A&B Detoxifier
B12, Glutatione
More energy, augments liver detox, promotes anti-aging

A&B Builder
B12, L-carnitine
More energy, enhances fat burner and muscle builder, promotes anti-aging

*Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary.